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Delivering Powerful & Charismatic Presentations


A féléves eredményeket összefoglaló előadás az anyavállalati vezetők előtt? Üzleti terv prezentálása a külföldi partnereknek? Mindezt ANGOLUL ? Magabiztosan, könnyedén és meggyőzően? Kihívás, de minden tanulható.

Ha szeretné megnyerni a hallgatóságot, fenntartani a figyelmet, információt átadni, a befektetett energiát megtérülni látni és mindezt angol nyelven, akkor két napos tréningünk Önnek szól!

A tréning során a résztvevők :

  • Megismerkednek a sikeres prezentáció tartásának alapelveivel, kommunikációs és előadói készségeik fejlődnek
  • Gyakorolják a prezentációk tartását, különös tekintettel az előadások szerkezeti felépítésére
  • Képesek lesznek döntéseik mellett hatékonyan érvelni, álláspontjukat megfelelően képviselni
  • Megtanulják a hatékony prezentáció ismérveit és gyakorolják a sikeres prezentációkra való felkészülést és prezentálást

A két napos program szakembere: Dr. Troy Wiwczaroski , aki anyanyelvű trénerként már sokadik alkalommal adja át tudását és tapasztalatát angol nyelvű tréningjeink résztvevőinek!


Course leader

Dr. Troy Wiwczaroski is a native of Texas and received his Master's and PhD degrees from WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis, one of the top 10 universities in the United States.

Dr. Wiwczaroski is an Associate Professor at Debrecen University, where he has been teaching since 1995. Specializing in public speaking, negotiation/conflict management and communication training in English and German, Dr. Wiwczaroski's teaching and research include a focus on the skills-based professional development of his students, who come from many branches of the university. His students have gone on to work in management, academia and responsible ministerial and administrative positions throughout Hungary, Europe and the world.


The numbers are deliberately limited to maximize the amount of personal involvement and feedback. You will have a real opportunity to try out new skills and take risks in front of a small group of your peers, benefiting from expert guidance throughout the two days. In addition, you will receive a video of your own presentations which you can use both to help you critique your technique during the course, and to review at your leisure – as evidence of just how much your skills have improved!

This program is truly “hands on” and therefore in addition to practical exercises throughout the two days, participants will be required to prepare a short presentation prior to the course , and will also need to set aside time on the evening of the first day to prepare a presentation for the following day, using either an overhead projector or PowerPoint.

Program Content

Understanding How to Manage and Control Nervous Energy

Managing nervous energy is probably one of the biggest challenges for most speakers. In this part of the course you will discover how to turn negative fear into positive power.

Getting the Butterflies to Fly in Formation

  • tips and techniques to help you feel mentally more positive

Learning to Relax

  • practical strategies to aid relaxation and get the body under control


  • assertiveness vs. aggressiveness – making yourself heard
  • putting emphasis into your personality to get what you want

Managing the Physical Impact of the Speaker

The physical impact of the speaker makes up 55% of the total impact. If there are any distractions the audience will find it extremely hard to listen. However we all know that the body can take on a life of its own when we are in front of an audience!

Body Posture and Stance

  • ensuring a confident and authoritative stance

Hands and Movement

  • positive ways to use space and general spatial awareness

The Importance of the Face

  • practical exercises to reduce facial tension
  • how to maintain eye contact, especially with a large audience

Generating an Exciting and Interesting Voice

The voice is a powerful tool in the presenting process. Up to 38% of our impact as a speaker will be due to how we use the voice. The voice is as unique as our personality, but interest and excitement in the voice can disappear when faced with a large audience.


  • how to achieve rib swing
  • developing the technique of breath control
  • breathing exercises to help sustain the voice

Vocal Variety

  • techniques to increase the variety of pitch in the voice
  • developing a varied pace of delivery
  • why and how to use pauses
  • the ‘E’ word and its importance

Volume and Projection

  • exercises to produce volume and increase resonance

Putting the Message Together

It is vital to think of a presentation as a series of small parts linked together with a common theme. Effective structuring of the presentation will ensure that the audience stays switched on.

Audience Analysis and Objective Settings

  • checklists to help analyze different sorts of audience
  • choosing applicable assessing materials and sources
  • how to set realistic and achievable objectives for a presentation

Structuring a Presentation (i)

  • the importance of attention-getting openings
  • suggestions on how to get started
  • the law of primacy – focusing on your audience through your topic
  • testing content
  • formulating key points

Structuring a Presentation (ii)

  • closing the talk
  • law of recency
  • the question and answer session: handling the unexpected and shutting down critics

Key Ways to Introduce Variety

  • structuring the main body
  • use of humor
  • anecdotes, comparisons and analogies
  • sign-posting and mini summaries
  • how to link effectively

Use of Notes

  • evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of alternative options
  • how to use notes effectively
  • the negative effect of using visual aids as a prompt
  • what to avoid and how to move towards extemporaneous speech

Generating Eye-catching Visuals

Far too many speakers think of the visuals as the presentation. In fact the best visual aid is of course the speaker themselves. Used appropriately visuals can add impact to a presentation and help the connection process with the audience.

Why Should Visuals be Used?

  • the objective of a visual
  • when should they not be used
  • what options are available

Generating Visually

  • design points for exciting visuals
  • the do’s and don’ts of visual design

Handling Visuals

  • handling strategy
  • using a ppt instead of it using you
  • how to re-focus the audience
  • visuals used as a guide for your audience

Handling the Discussion Period

Many presentations fall apart simply because the speaker has not managed the question and answer session effectively.

Exciting presentations should produce lively discussion sessions. We need to know how to manage them.

Different Types of Questions

  • do’s and don’ts
  • understanding the motivation behind questioners’ behavior
  • encouraging questions and using the audience to reinforce your message

Handling Strategies

  • neutralizing aggressive people
  • managing the awkward kind of questioner
  • handling multiple questions
  • how to cope if you do not know the answer
  • how to manage questions when they occur during the presentation

Making the Emotional Connection

This session is often what differentiates the boring from the charismatic speaker. It is the person who perceives the presentation as a conversation, a relationship-building opportunity. The charismatic speaker appreciates the importance and power of getting through and not just giving out information. This session examines those secret ingredients for moving and motivating and audience.

  • the inside influence: how our beliefs, values, attitudes and opinions impact on our behavior and communication
  • Values Driven Communication – how to connect emotionally with a group of people
  • the components of charisma


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Rendezvény kezdete: 2017. december 14. 9:00
Rendezvény vége: 2017. december 15. 17:00
Részvételi díj 249.000 HUF+ÁFA
Early bird határidő 2017. október 27.

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3 133,000.00
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